The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Content Creation

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Date: 24/05/2023
Name of the Podcast: Direct from the Wolf Den
Episode Title: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Content Creation, Episode 1

The 1st episode of “Direct from Wolf Den” discusses the impact of artificial intelligence on content creation. The host, William Schimensky, explains that AI has changed the face of content creation and is contributing to the complex process of creating high-quality, optimized, and engaging content. He breaks down his agency’s content creation process into four phases: ideation and planning, content creation, editing and review, and publishing and distribution. He emphasizes that the ideation and planning phase is the most crucial step of any campaign and explains how AI can be used to conduct research, understand competitors, and create a cohesive campaign. He advises business owners to understand the capabilities of AI and make a decision to integrate it into their business flows rather than trying to learn all the technical aspects themselves. The speaker discusses the importance of editing and review phases in content creation, where the story is formed, the message is delivered, and the AI plays a crucial role in optimizing the content. AI tools can clean up sound and improve quality in the editing phase, while in the review phase, the AI ensures that all the content is telling the same message, looking for sentiment and emotions, and is grammatically correct and on-brand. In the publishing and distribution phase, the speaker uses a proprietary amplification engine to generate digital assets across the web, which drives targeted visitors to the website, social media, and landing pages, increasing engagement and social proof.

Outline of the Episode:
[00:09] Introduction
[02:17] How AI is causing the same problem that sales & marketing automation has caused.
[04:43] What is the most important step of any campaign?
[06:14] What does the second phase of our content creation process entail?
[10:35] What experience won’t occur when creating content for one’s own business clients?
[12:51] What is a style guide? How does it work?
[15:19] What is considered the most crucial part during the editing and review phase?
[21:28] Explaining how the editing and review phase works during the final phase of content creation process?
[23:18] How does Howling Brands develop their content?
[25:50] How AI can transform your business?
[26:23] Conclusion.

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